FNU is a weekly excuse for people to unplug from the computer and TV and get together in RL for unpowered fun including anything from card and board games to nights out at the bowling alley and miniature golf. Any and all are welcome to join us for a night of gaming mayhem so if you’re in the South Bay (Sunnyvale/Santa Clara CA) and would like to join us please let us know, send a e-mail to fridaynightsunplugged@yahoo.com and we will fill you in on where we are at.
20 Apr 10

We are still alive!

Hey all! Sorry for the dead time here. I’ve been so busy with life and other groups that i kinda forgot to keep FNU’s site up to date. 

Never the Less, FNU is still alive and running and has evolved into its entity. I’m am going to try to get back into  updating this site as well as the Facebook site i have set up (just look up Friday nights unplugged to find it) as well as at www.fnu.tumblr.com. FNU has slowed a bit over the winter but with warm evening coming up i would anticipate FNU ramping back up. So keep close and listen for updates. You can also request to be added to the e-mail group by sending an e-mail to FNUgaming@gmail.com.

 I also organize a “digital” game gathering (A.K.A a LAN party) now and then to play whatever games we feel like, last round was StarCraft I, and an upcoming gathering will likely be Diablo 2. You can keep up with me on this by visiting my blog at www.warpedjester.tumblr.com.

In other news, I have also stared a new group called G33K Massive which is a gathering of geeks to talk tech, both hardware and software as well as get help on the topic you can find Geek Missive’s site on face book (just search for G33K Massive).

I am also a member of a New and fast growing Airsoft group called Paddy’s Irish Airsoft Team. P.I.A.T is a CA based airsoft team with squads in both Nor-Cal (Bay area and Santa Cruz and in So-Cal, L.A. area. we get together once every couple of months to play. you can find out more about P.I.A.T. on Facebook (just search for Paddy’s Irish airsoft) or visit us at www.piat.tumblr.com. 

Last but not least. i am working with beautiful wife on setting up an audio book club. I don’t have any details on this at the moment but i will send an update as i flesh things out. Again, to keep up on new details on this topic you can visit my blog at www.warpedjester.tumblr.com. 

As if life was not busy enough, i am also doing home renovation (enlarging the mast bedroom and adding a master bath) landscaping the garden and doing projects for this year’s burning man. Yes, i may be jobless but I’m not standing still.

06 Feb 09

We’ll be sitting out for a while

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know that Justin and I will not be able to coordinate or attend FNU in the San Jose area for a while. We are, of course, open to hanging out in the Santa Cruz area with anyone who would be willing to treck over to our side of the hill… But the tires on our car are not currently safe for driving over the hill, so we are out until we’re able to replace them. :( See y’all as soon as we can! Lydia

22 Jan 09

RE: FNU update for 1/23/09

Okiedey Michael Smith Technical Writer TeleNav, Inc. 1130 Kifer Road Sunnyvale, CA 94086 mikes@telenav.com

22 Jan 09

FNU update for 1/23/09

Hey y’all! FNU will, again, be hosted at Gina/Dana/Andy’s house (814 Maryanne Dr., Apt 6, Santa Clara). Unlike last week, I will actually be there tomorrow night, so, see y’all there!! Lyds

16 Jan 09

FNU update for 1/16/09

Hi everybody! FNU this week will be hosted at a different location this week… *GASP*!!  Since Justin and I no longer live in the bay area, we will be meeting at Gina/Dana/Andrea’s house instead.  Their address is: 814 Maryann Dr. #6, Santa Clara, CA. As always, rides can be arranged for anyone who needs one - Just ask anyone on this list who’s planning to be there! :-) As for what’s on the gamebook…  I dunno, since I’m not really planning it this week! :-p  Please direct questions or suggestions at Gina. See y’all there! Lydia

24 Oct 08


Apparently, we’d all rather jump in hot lava than go to church…

17 Oct 08

No game night tonight

Hi all, Game night is being cancelled again this week. Justin got strep throat and is still feeling run down. Game night is still on for next week, though, so we’ll see you then! Lydia

17 Oct 08

No game night tonight

01 Oct 08

And an advance warning

****We will NOT be hosting FNU on October 10th**** (It’s our wedding anniversary, so we’re gonna go do something to celebrate)

01 Oct 08

Looking ahead

There have not yet been any requests for this week, so the floor is open! Any and all suggestions and requests are welcome!

01 Oct 08

Recap for 9/26/08

We had a *big* turnout last week! In addition to our “old stand-bys” of Justin, Lydia, T, Sal, Gina, Andrea and Dana, we were joined by Ben and Erica (Lydia’s brother and sister-in-law), occasional FNU-er Fred and new-comers Carmen, Diona and Paul.! Lydia hosted veg-out time on the couch for those who just wanted to hang out, and those who wanted to join in the games started with a couple warm-up rounds of Jenga, then progressed to Guillotine (aka: Kill the Frenchies!). Next they decided to kill harmless bunnies in Killer Bunnies, and finally rounded out the night with a new game brought by Fred called Mwahahaha.. Those of us who didn’t join in the game hung out on the couch and broke the first rule of FNU (UN-plug) and watched Fight Club.

01 Oct 08

FYI, FNU is still open, no request have been put in yet.

23 Sep 08

Last weeks game was Ticket to ride with Big T, Carmen and my self as well as Dana (Dana is known for joining us Friday nights but never formally gaming) as well as my lovely wife Lydia. The night ended with Dana smoking everyone on the board and me getting my @$$ handed to me at every turn. What fun!

23 Sep 08

Just a Quick follo wup on last weeks game; We had a new member join us, Hi Carmen! Carmen is a co-worker of ours and finnaly gave in a joined us for game night and was great company to have. Carmen is a wine snobb (and i mean that in the best way possable) and brough some awsome pasta for us.

22 Sep 08

The time has come; we are gearing up to start actively promoting Friday Nights Unplugged and start drawing more people into it. For those of you that don’t already know; FNU is a weekly excuse for people to unplug from the computer and TV and get together in RL for unpowered fun including anything from card and board games to nights out at the bowling alley and miniature golf.

In a effort to draw more fellow gamers in we have begun adding FNU to many different social networks including:
Facebook, MySpace, Friendfeed, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, and Yahoo 360.
As well as on many new Blog and micro blog sits including:
Pluk, Pownce, Tumblr, Identi.ca, Bright Kite, Blogger, Live journal, and Word press

Any and all are welcome to join us for a night of gaming mayhem so feel free to visit out man site at www.fnu.tumblr.com